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Posted by shewhoknows (me) on Oct 19 2010 at 8:39 PM

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I picked up the 1,000 Calorie Challenge as well, mostly because it was a good deal, but after looking at it - there is no way I am even going to finish reading it right now.  Even if I could manage to complete more than 2-3 reps of anything in there, my doctor would never approve it at this point.  Having said that, it looks utterly amazing for people who are a bit more in shape (read: if you can't do even 1 regular pushup, this is probably not for you).

But that's ok!  I have it for when I complete what I'm doing now, and it has some great meal planning tools.  While I generally can't follow most "planned" meals because of allergies, I can at least see how much of what I need and when I need it.  Always a good thing!

It comes with mp3 and mp4 of every workout, so you can either watch it on your TV (or computer) or listen to it on your headset.  Very clear instructions, and really good music in the background.  (Seriously, what is that?!  I need more!)

I tried to print my FPFL stuff today...and my printer is dead.  I need to go out tomorrow to the post office anyway, so I'll just find somewhere to print that stuff too - at least the logs.  le sigh

FPFL added to my calendar, though I had to change a couple of the days around due to activities - like it'll be incredibly hard to do any kind of strength training while at the Coral Gate, but HIIT Cardio is totally possible.



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