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Ok, here we go!  I have my "before" picture, which no one will ever see, and have read and re-read my program - Final Phase Fat Loss by John Romaniello of Roman Fitness Systems.  John, or Roman as he's called, is a bodybuilder turned fitness model and coach.  Quite hot.  And hilarious.  I spent several days straight reading his blog, and even the parts I didn't understand (because I'm not a bodybuilder) I connected with.  This program is so-named because it was originally designed as a way to lose the last 10 lbs that everyone in the world seems to get stuck on.  (I find the names of these programs humerous, but really, what else could you call it and still get the attention it deserves: I'm a Masochist? Fuzzy Purple Unicorns? While the first is true if you continue with the program evidently, the second is what you'll see once you get punch-drunk while working out and trying to recover.)

So anyway...  I'm also using some of the tools and guides from the Hacker's Diet - especially the tools.  My goal isn't to bulk up (even for a girl) but to lose weight... well... lose inches actually.  I don't really care how much I weigh as long as I'm the right size.  So for me, the graphs from the Hacker's Diet will be quite useful.

I'm using FitDay to track my calories and nutrients.  I have the PC version, but there's also an online one.

I'll be taking weight daily, but only the trend is really important since weight goes up and down so much with simply water content, plus I'm female so I tend to gain 5 lbs of water-weight (or whatever) come That Time anyway.  I'll take measurements weekly, and those will matter the most to me - especially since muscle weighs more than fat.

Starting weight
: 149.6 and I think about 32% body fat
  ...which seems to be about average I suppose.  Yesterday was a little lower, and a few days ago was a bit higher.  Weight is taken right after I get up in the morning, after the ladies' room and before putting on any clothes.
  Actually, I've been tracking for a couple weeks to get the background data for the graphs - this is just today's weight.

Starting measurements in inches: These are the important ones! 

  • I have both right and left sides because I'm curious how strength differences will cause the measurements to change on each side of my body. 
  • They're taken with no clothing, though most people say to wear a "comfortable bra" - but I have no comfortable bras, and my bust is such that the numbers don't change unless I wear a push-up or something. 
  • I keep it to half-inches, except at the wrists and ankles where I'll use quarter-inches. 
  • Today at least, these are taken post-morning coffee and granola bar simply because I've got the shakes and need to eat.  I also haven't taken my meds, and now that I've been distracted for a couple hours, I need both more food AND meds.  So I'll hurry up and get a tape measure...


measurement inches
neck 14
overbust 37.5
bust 38
underbust 32.5
waist 32
low waist 40
hips 41
right thigh 24
left thigh 24
right calf 13.5
left calf 13.5
right ankle 8
left ankle 8
right bicep 11/11.5
left bicep 10.5/11
right forearm 9.5
left forearm 9.5
right wrist 6.25
left wrist 6.25

Goal: S.M.A.R.T.
  Specific: to lose 40 lbs of body fat before June 2011
  Measurable: via scale and tape measure
  Attainable: yes, this can be done
  Realistic: sure
  Timely: yeppers

That doesn't mean I'll weigh 110 people... I'll still have some body fat on top of that (as everyone in the world, including bodybuilders, does).

I'll post some about the program as I go through it, but you'll have to get your own copy to get all the goodies, and I believe it to be totally worth it!

Today, I'm really just doing prep work - printing out the program, reviewing my first week, etc. - and wondering if I can really do this.  ;)  I'll probably officially "start" on Sunday, just because it's easier to count weeks like that. 

I also really need to work on some plot stuff for the Coral Gate, and send a few emails relating to my part-time project management job.



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