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Posted by shewhoknows (me) on Oct 14 2010 at 8:18 PM

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You know, this week has just been completely awesome - and it's not over yet!  It might even make up for the utter crap that life has been throwing at me for the last TWO YEARS!  Maybe.


1) My 8 year anniversary with a husband I still love very much, and who is still my best friend.  He has supported me through almost two years of unemployment and never lost his temper with things, nor blamed me, nor accused me of not trying.  I wouldn't have made it through this horrible time without him.

2) Today I was notified that I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!  Finally, it is MY TURN!  I could barely speak to her because I was almost speechless.  I managed to get off the phone fairly quickly and spent the next 2 hours crying in sheer relief.  You have no idea how much being unemployed for long periods of time weighs you down, unless you've been through it.  I hope to never experience it again.  And the best part is - it's a job I would have taken under normal circumstances.  It's fairly close, it's well-paying, it's work I enjoy, and there's tons of room for advancement.  I still tear up every time I think about the new job, and my husband was crying too when I told him.  It's such a huge relief.  We're no longer in danger of losing our home.  We can catch up on bills.  I can go to the doctor again.  We can go out to eat once in a while.  We don't have to sell his Ducati.

3) This was actually a tie for 2nd place, but I wanted to sort of keep the subjects rolling from one to the next.  My hair has reached tailbone length.  This probably doesn't mean anything to you, but it's amazing for me.  Due to medical issues and medications, my hair spends most of each year not growing at all.  It took over 3 years to get from waist to tailbone, and will probably be another 10 before I can get to knee (should take 2 years or so).

4) I met with one of my favorite photographers - who is professionally a photojournalist - earlier this week, and he gave me such supreme compliments I didn't know what to say.  First, he said that the work we did together was some of the best he's ever done.  Then he went on to say that I set such a high standard, no one in the 10 years it's been since we worked together has ever even come close to me. 

5) I am starting on a fitness program that will put me back into the proper shape and size - only better.  Hopefully, this will help control some of the medical issues and lessen the need for meds.  It will also let me feel better about myself.





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