the longhair

(yes, it's a noun)

A "longhair" is someone who has long hair - natch!  I've been trying to grow mine out for years, battling medical issues and medications to do so, but I'm getting there!

Long hair is part of how I see myself, and it's something that is unique to me.  While there are a lot of longhairs in the world, we're really not that common in this age of "long hair makes you look younger" when you're 16 and "long hair makes you look older" when you're 40.  Bah!  Terribly untrue! 

And besides, I'd rather have hundreds of ways to do my hair, including some that don't require me to take a shower twice a day or put gook in it everyday.  Short hair you either style the crap out of and look good, or you do nothing with it and look either ok or scary.  That's it.  Two styles.  How exciting.

Longhair blog is coming soon(ish) but for now there are some pics in my photo albums.