the model

I was a semi-professional model for over 10 years, during the early 2000's.  My career was off and on, mostly due to real life concerns, as modeling was never my sole source of income.  I've always been told I could model professionally, but I've never had the money to sink into it, nor the contacts and network to break in, especially at such a late age.

My primary interest in modeling is the theme shoots - bodypaint, wild makeup/hair, novel covers, etc..  I enjoy modeling not because I think I'm pretty (I honestly don't), but because being in front of the camera is the one time I ever really feel beautiful.  Sometimes the end pictures reflect that and sometimes they don't, but I always feel good when I'm actually on the shoot.

In 2001 and 2002 I was featured in a number of exhibits and galleries across the globe, including Japan, Germany, Turkey, England, and of course the U.S..  Scripps College for Women featured my photo on the T-shirt they used as a promotional piece.

If and when I can get back into decent condition - and I conquer or at least am able to control my medical issues - I will probably pick it up once again due to requests from my fans. No guarantees people, but I'll do my best.