the poet

you want to know  how can anyone  large shadow  a, b, c  time of day  spring  look out my window  I see you staring  cruel place  somewhere  endings  not me  sun shines  stare at the mirror  hurt, pain  To A Soulmate  tiger's eyes  rain splatters  treat me like shit?  fire inside!  No One  journeys  love and lust  My Friend  falling  bitch, whore  no comfort  yes, yes  the music begins  somewhere i know  no longer  understanding  smurf  in...out...  Label.  addiction  lie in the darkness  frustrations  Fire  cold, alone  SheWhoKnows  you fell in love  human  wolf sees all  what to think  i feel lost  angel  twelve 

the music begins
soft and slow it gives a rhythmic beat
her slim form moves gracefully as she dances
her only audience the mirrors around her
and herself
her lithe body sensuously flows as liquid as water
trickling across the stones
lost in her dance, she has no audience
the figure in the mirror before her blurs and fades
the mirrors themselves drift away
her dance is one of passion
one of grace
one of beauty
one of ecstasy
as the music picks up tempo, so does she
her dance of passion becomes one of lust
now she can see her partner in the mirror
the dance is for her lover
still alone in the room, she is two in her mind
as the music grows faster still
she moves with it, lost in the moment
one final blast and she is spent
in that moment her lover steps through the mirror into reality
he walks to her and takes her
the dance is now complete.